(500 copies)

Ohio River Song (mp3)
Border Town, Mexico (mp3)
Lovin' You is Hard to Do
This Ain't No Bad Side of Town
Water Runs Red
Drunken Bed
Palm of Michigan
Simple Machines
Fowler, IN.
Lazy Illinois Afternoon
Black Maria
Nicole Loves Scott
On My Bicycle

recorded by Hal Hixson and Joshua Huber Sept.03 - Mar. 05

slaved over by Joshua Huber

featuring Billy Heingartner, Joshua Huber, Annia Light-Brown, Robert Loss, Megan Palmer, Clare Pollard, Brad Poure, Ted Royalty, Jahrie Smith and Keenan Wade

art by Amze Emmons
layout by j.wirtheim

Love, Anonymous

(600 copies)

The Agreement
My Last Impressions of High St. From the #4 Bus Going North (mp3)
How Can I love You? (mp3)
Blue Skies are Reigning
Bobbing for Apples
San Diego,
The Answer is No
Flowers for Everyone
The Earth Gave a Stone (mp3)
Come Dance With Us (a Prayer for Aurora)

recorded at The Recording Workshop, Masseyville, OH by the students with Rene Kline and Jeff Ling, and by Joshua Huber at the Huber House

mastered by Joshua Huber
featuring Andrew Davis, Roger Downs, Andy Gard, Billy Heingartner, Joshua Huber and the students of The Recording Workshop

art by Amze Emmons, layout by Lee Dolsen

Pass It Along

(65 copies)

Bobbing for Apples
Milwaukee Love
Fowler, IN. (you and everybody in...)
Hard To Find (mp3)
Black Camaro (mp3)
Black Maria
Old Steel Bridge
Let It Rise

All songs recorded 1998 - 2000 by Eric Nassau on a Tascam Portastudio 424 4-track recorder.

Easy Exit Information Guide

(500 copies)
a split compact disc with Robert Loss


Robert Loss

Another Holiday
Black Plastic Shades
Safety Town
For Good
Saccharin Teeth
Wolves Waiting
Granville, Easter Day

Eric Nassau
Sister Sail Away
Trip To Canada
Aliens on the Moon
Forever South
Small Town Strip Bar
Driving With You

produced and mastered by Duane Bargar, Red Moon Studios
featuring Anek Belbase, Duane Bargar, Mayur Gauchan, Robert Loss, Kiran Sitoula, Heather Smith, Sevan Takvoryan, and Karl Wullfraat

Not Just Any Game of Tennis

(100 copies)

Ad In -
Goodbye, Fairchild
My Friends, The Stars
Coffee Rituals
Just Like Me

Ad Out -
Everybody knows
Featherfoot Angel
Just Another Place
(A Song for) Everan Dever
No Trumpets
Past 34

featuring Jay T. LaBoy, Ian Schlein, and Rob Reisinger

This cassette was recorded with Ian Schlein, Jay T. LaBoy, and Billy Heingartner....

produced by Ian Schlein, Jay T. LaBoy, and Billy Heingartner

mastered by Eric and Billy Heingartner in 7 hours with a break for coffee, cocoa, and a game of pushover


(36 copies)

Side Ax -
Art School Girl

Side Bo -
We Call Home

This cassette was recorded live at the Block Party, Ohio Wesleyan University