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Eric Nassau is not your typical folk singer.

Whether or not you've made his aquaintance, Eric Nassau isn't someone who is easily forgotten.

Since his college days, he's been living the wandering minstrel lifestyle, building his folksinger cred on the coffeehouse circuit. While on the road last time around, he recorded his latest album, x-country.

Given the overly self-concious crap that usually accompanies performers such as Nassau, x-country was a surprise.

He shows a geater depth, as well as better musical taste, than your average folksy crooner. The album owes to the frequently dark poetry of Leonard Cohen or American Music Club's Mark Eitzel, two men not known for their sunny artistic disposition.

Country's instrumentation only enhances the somber tone. Nassau's voice and acousitc guitar the only constants. They provide a musical skeleton that gets little more muscle than an occasional bass player or drummer.

Given the tightness of recording the album on the fly from location to location, this sparseness was likely a necessity, but it works to Nassau's advantage. It's minimalism forces the listener to hook onto his voice and guitar. which puts the song and its story front and center.

The story of x-country tells one of longing and homesickness. Given his life on the road, Nassau likely lived the cliche and suffered for his art.

Thankfully he didn't suffer in vain.

Rick Allen - The Other Paper Mar. 31, 2005